The Custom Date Range Report generates a PDF of each included shop's Client shop view. 

To use the Custom Date Range Report:

Select Custom Date Range reports from PDF/printable Reports drop down on Client Reports page.

Select Go.

Select a date range. This refers to the Report Dates of shops. 

You can further limit which shops to include using the "Show only shops in" menu to select a level unit, location, Group, or ULG (unlimited location group)

You can choose to show only client-visible questions, or questions visible to admins

The report can include bookmarks (points in the PDF that you can jump to) and/or additional summary pages for levels and locations. Click to view examples of each. 

When you have selected your options, click Calculate Shop Count.

The number of included shops will be displayed above the filters. Click Generate Report. 

If the set of results is small, you can then download the PDF file right from the page. If there are more results included, the report will be generated offline, and a link will be emailed to you to download the PDF file.