A Radio Button question provides multiple responses that can be selected via radio buttons. Only one option can be selected at a time.

To add a Radio Button question to a form:

Select Radio Button from the Question Format drop down.


Select the position on the form for the question.  The default is to add the question to the bottom of the form but it may be positioned after a specific question as well.


Select Add.

Input the test for the question.

Input the text for the responses.

If more than 5 responses are needed then select the "Add 5 more answers" link.

Input the score associated with each response. 

Note - to prevent a response from being included in the overall shop score, select N/A. 

To change the format of a question select Formatting Questions

To change the question requirements select Question Requirements

To change scoring and add a bonus question select Scoring and Bonus Questions

When all selections are complete, select Add New.