To update addresses or change management information on a location:

1) Select the Client Survey.

2) Select the Clients Tab.

3) Select Add/Edit locations.

4) From Import/Export drop down select Location Export.

5) Select Go.

Note - there are two export options available: 'Standard' and 'For Updating and Re-importing'.  A Standard export can not be re-imported back into the system.  The other option can be exported, edited and then re-imported back into Sassie.

6) Select "Location Export (for Updating and Re-Importing locations)"

7) Select Here is Your File.

The file will be downloaded and can now be edited in another program, saved and imported back into Sassie with the changes. See Location Importer for details on importing a location file.

Note: Location export files are tab delimited text files with the extension .sass. See How can I open a .sass file?