You can set up a survey to send emails, containing links to the Client shop view, to the shop's managers when the shop is saved in distribution status from the admin review view. 

There are also options to send emails to the shop's managers or other addresses only when the shop's score is above a certain threshold, and/or below a certain threshold. 

In the Survey settings page, the section is titled "Triggers"

The first settings here are the thresholds. These are two separate thresholds: one low threshold, below which a low score trigger will be sent, and one high threshold, above which a high score trigger will be sent. 

If you wish to send only high score triggers, leave the low score threshold as 0%.

Likewise, you can set the high score threshold to 101% as no shop will have a score at or above that figure, and no high score triggers will be sent. 

If you would like the score trigger messages to go to the shop's managers, select which level(s) of managers from the list of manager levels. You may also choose Client Supervisor, and everyone with that role will receive the score triggers, or Company, and the email address set in Client settings under "Main Contact Email(s) for this client" will receive the score triggers. 

If your system uses Shadow managers, there is an additional checkbox here to also send to shadow managers of the levels selected. 

Next you will see several fields for additional recipients of the score triggers. You may enter any email addresses in these fields.

Separate from Score triggers are Manager triggers. You can set up both if you wish. 

There are two types of Manager triggers. One contains a link to the client shop view of the shop. The boxes under "Email Link" control those. The other type contains a PDF of the client shop view. The checkboxes under PDF Attachment control those. You can choose one or the other, or both (note that if you choose both for a level, the manager at that level will get two emails). 

Note that PDF manager triggers are sent once daily, about 5:30 AM. Email Link triggers are sent immediately when a shop is saved in the distribution status from the Review view. 

If your system uses Shadow managers, you will see an additional pair of checkboxes here to send the manager triggers to Shadow managers of any levels selected. 

Finally if you are using PDF triggers, there is an option to send a separate PDF per shop, or to combine multiple shops into one PDF when they are going to the same manager.