• The Question Trending widget now supports Scored Number questions
  • The Sections by Level and Section Trending widgets now let you choose individual sections if you select a specific survey
  • Set Default View: You can now choose which Dragon view will be the default per tab.
    Here's how to set this: 
    1. In Dragon, load the tab for which you want to adjust the default view (tabs are at the top of the page; defaults are Master, Surveys, Locations, and Trending).
    2. Load the Dragon view you want be the default using the dropdown menu at top right.
    3. Go to that same dropdown menu at the top right of the page and choose Edit view settings
    4. In the Edit View Settings box that pops up, tick the Make this the default view for [tab name] box and then click the Save button.

New Widget Settings

We've added a number of new features to our Dragon widgets with this update. Highlights below.

Response Filters

Data mining filters are now available on any widgets that report on shops. This feature can be found in widget settings under Response Filters.

NOTE: When setting a response filter, we recommend you go into widget settings and change the widget title to include something descriptive of the filter in place, as in the screenshot below on the right. 

Recent Evaluations: Table View

Recent evaluations can now be displayed as a table with both Screen and PDF views for each row/shop. From widget settings, find the Graph Types section and click the Table radio button. This new table display provides the same functionality as the SASSIE shop log page.

Drilldown Ranking: Details column

In the Column section of this widget's settings, there is now an option to show a Details column. This column shows a link ("Details") to SASSIE's location view. The widget also can now be set to a particular level, giving you all the functionality of the SASSIE locations page. In the Columns section of widget settings tick the box next to "Location Details" to enable this feature.

Survey Summary: Averages or Sums

With the new Sums option enabled, the widget will display the sum of all question types. For multiple choice questions, it will show the count of the answers. For numbers, currency, etc. it will total all the answers. To toggle this new setting, go into the settings for the Survey Summary widget and find the Averages or Sums section.

Pie Widgets (Key Question / Risk Distribution): Labels and Legend

The Key Questions and Risk Distribution widgets can now be toggled between Labels and Legend mode. For either of these widgets, this can be togged in the widget settings under the Labels and Legends section.

Company Overview: Company Average Line

The Company Overview widget can now be configured to show a company average line. The setting is found in the Show Levels section of the Company Overview widget settings.

Survey Summary, Survey Summary Trending, and Improvable Questions: Choose Questions

In the Survey Summary, Survey Summary Trending, and Improvable Questions Widgets you can now choose exactly which questions should display. This setting is available when the widget is set to a specific survey (rather than "Use global setting"). To use this feature, go to the widget's settings and find the Questions section.

Company Overview and Drilldown Ranking: Geographical Hierarchy

Company Overview and Drilldown Ranking widgets now have an option to drill down by continent/country/state instead of by levels. To enable this new feature, go to the widget settings, find the Heirarchy Type section, and click the Geographical Hierarchy radio button.