Highlights from this update

Updated widget settings interface

Now when widget settings are opened, all settings categories are immediately visible and expandable. In previous versions, upon opening a widget's settings only the Survey category would be shown and an icon would need to be clicked to see more categories.

                                            Earlier versions                                                                        Version 19

Your Score and Score Comparison widgets: New graph types

There are two new graph types for Your Score and Score Comparison called IconoGraph and IconoGraph with Heat Mapping. Choosing the IconoGraph type and pasting a URL to an image in the bottom field will display the image using color saturation to visually represent the score. IconoGraph with Heat Mapping is the same as IconoGraph except the original colors in the image are replaced with the heat map color associated with the score.

                        New Graph Types settings  

                               IconoGraph                                             IconoGraph with Heat Mapping

New Client Setting: Restrict Manager Type Access to Dragon

Users can now restrict which manager types are able to create/edit Dragon views using a new setting in the Dragon section of Client Admin called "Who can create/edit views?"

Note: In the Company Overview and DDR widgets, if the results are more than 1000 lines, Locations will not be visible. Instead, the widget will drill down to Level 2 and then open Quick Shops with the list of completed jobs. To show Locations when there are more than 1000 lines of results, the widget needs to be set to show Locations in the "Show Levels" setting.