Highlights from this update

Brand New Widgets

Magic Quadrants

The new Magic Quadrants widget allows for plotting shops as a score versus a score. The widget can report on overall score, section scores, and question scores. The suggested usage is to pick two score metrics, place the crosshairs at the scores that are considered acceptable, and set the Heat Mapping levels to show which locations are doing well (green), doing poorly (red), etc. in both metrics.

The two scores to be used are set in the widget settings under Data Focus. Other settings of interest are Crosshair (sets where the crosshair intersects on the graph) and Heat Map (adjusts score ranges for the heat mapping).

Trending - Net Promoter Score®

This new NPS widget is designed to show trending data for Net Promoter Score®. The widget provides three graph types: Line, Stacked Bar, and Bar. Like the standard NPS widget, it's typically used for “Would you recommend?” and “Would you return?” types of questions with answers from 0-10, but can technically be set to use any multiple choice question with 11 answer options.

New Features

Key Question - Word Cloud

The Key Question widget displays a word cloud when set to a narrative or text question. Hover over a word to see how frequently it has been used.

Company Overview - Comparison Metrics

The Company Overview widget can be set to report on a second data focus for comparison purposes and the date range can be set independently for each focus. The label "(Comparison)" displays next to settings for the comparison focus. To remove the comparison and display a single metric, set the comparison data focus to "None."

Recent Evaluations - Section and Question Scores

The Recent Evaluations widget can report on section or question scores. These options are found in widget settings under Data Focus.

Disable Classic Reports Link

The Classic Reports link can now be disabled per client on the Client Admin page.

Asterisks Next to Deactivated Locations

An asterisk is now placed next to deactivated location names throughout Dragon.

Action Item Progress - Click Through

The Action Item Progress widget lets you click through to Quick Shops.

Other Updates

  • Added support for apostrophes in Custom Date Range names.
  • The Custom Date Range Types setting shows the Custom Date Range labels set by admins (e.g., Quarter, Month) rather than the generic labels Small, Medium, and Large.