Most clients have predictable reporting periods, using monthly, quarterly, annual, fiscal annual, or 13 4-week periods. However, some have completely unpredictable reporting periods with no hard and fast pattern. Custom Date Ranges allow MSPs to create an unlimited number of date ranges for their clients. This is useful for those clients whose reporting periods do not fall within the standard reporting periods on the system.

To create custom date ranges:

  1. Choose the client on the main admin page.
  2. Enter and go to Custom Date Ranges in the quick jump field.
  3. Click Add New Custom Date.
  4. Enter a descriptive name, the range that will be covered, the type*, and the year. 
  5. Click Add New.
  6. Go to Client Settings.
  7. Change the Type of Year setting to Custom.**
  8. Click Save Changes.

* Date Range Types (Small, Medium, Large) allow for creating multiple groups of Date Ranges. Dragon reporting will default to the smallest type used for current period and last period, but widgets can be set to use any of the types.

** You must to create the ranges first, then you can switch the client over to using that calendar type. Prior to creating custom date ranges, there will be no option for a Custom type of year in Client Settings.