Three active buttons exist on the main TestCaster Admin Page: View Tests, View Qualifications, and Go
To Test Log.


A “Qualification” is a designation or “merit badge” that a shopper can earn by passing a test (or being
granted one manually by one of your staff). You can create your own qualifications for your company.

Examples of qualifications might be :
* Automotive Approved
* McDonald’s Trained
* Video Certified
* Trusted Veteran Shopper

From the main admin page, use Quick Jump to go to Tests and Qualifications.

Click View X Qualifications to see existing qualifications listed. 

Click on "Create New Qualification" to get started creating a qualification. 

Here you can give the Qualification a name, category, and level, and assign it to a test. The name and category are required, other settings are optional.

Qualifications can be grouped into categories for organizational purposes (you might want to create a “FineDining” category if you have multiple Fine Dining qualifications). By default, qualifications will be placed
in the “General” category unless specified otherwise.
For Qualification and Custom Category naming, it is suggested that names be both unique and descriptive
of the use of the created qualification. For instance a general qualification could be as simple as “Activated
Shopper” or be grouped in a category of “Women’s Apparel: Department Stores” .

Levels are used to further detail a qualification in cases where there may be higher or lower versions of the
same qualification.
For example, someone that has shopped Karl’s Meat Helmets (why, we may never know) twice might pass
a test that grants a BASIC (or level 1) qualification, where as someone that has shopped 50 different Karl’s
locations successfully might pass a test that grants an ADVANCED (or level 3) qualification.
NOTE: Levels are always relative to other qualifications in the same category. The higher the level, the
better the qualification.

If you want a specific test to grant a qualification when a shopper passes, it must be “attached” to the test
by using the controls at the bottom of the screen.
The drop down displays all tests by name. Selecting the desired one and clicking the add button will
refresh the page with the test name displayed on the qualification form to verify that the selected test is the
correct one.
Once the “Add Qualification” button is clicked, all information on the form is saved and will display on the
Custom Qualifications list. This is also true of clicking the “Save Changes” button on any existing
A test can grant more than one qualification. Example: An “Advanced Video Training Test” might grant
the “Basic Video” qualification and the “Advanced Video” qualification.
Also, a qualification might be granted by more than one test. Example: Both the “Mercedes Benz” test and
the “Luxury Car” test might grant the “Luxury Car” qualification.

On the Custom Qualifications list page, there are links to edit and grant/revoke individual qualifications.

Qualifications can be manually granted at any time completely independent of testing. Some qualifications, like “Trusted Shopper” may have no attached tests at all and may only be granted to shoppers manually by
one of your staff.
Clicking the Grant/Revoke link next to the Qualification name on the list will bring up the Grant/Revoke
page. This page is simply a box with radio buttons for granting or revoking the qualification to or from one
shopper or many shoppers at once (using the shopper search export tool in SASSIE)

Selecting "in bulk" will bring you to the filter selection page. Choose what category to filter shoppers on, and on the next page, choose the values for the filters.

Click Go, and you will see the number of shoppers found, and you can then grant the qualification to those shoppers

Also on the Custom Qualifications page is a total number of shoppers that have been granted that qualification.

Shoppers can see the qualifications they have earned or been granted on their Shop Log.