1. MULTIPLE SURVEY SELECTOR: You can now show overall score results for multiple surveys in selected Dragon widgets.  
  2. COPY VIEWS: Copy and paste views, even from one client to another
  3. MAGIC QUADRANT POPUP: The bubbles in this widget now display a QUICK SHOPS popup when clicked



1. MULTIPLE SURVEY SELECTOR (on selected widgets)

We've often been asked to display results from multiple surveys in one widget, and now it's here!


The following widgets can display Overall Score results for multiple surveys:

  • Company Overview   
  • Drilldown Ranking   
  • Level Trending / Level Trending YoY  
  • Map  
  • Recent Shops  
  • Top X Bottom X   
  • Wave Comparison   
  • Your Score

Using this option couldn't be easier - simply go to the "Surveys" area of the widget settings and select the surveys you want displayed:




Note: We're currently disabling our "EKG" interactive tool when using multiple surveys. EKG is primarily a question-based tool and multiple surveys rarely use the same exact questions. We are investigating an update that would allow some EKG functions on multiple surveys, but to avoid confusing your clients we're removing EKG in multiple survey mode to ensure your clients get the best user experience. Of course, EKG will still work normally in the single survey mode.



It's a common Dragon scenario: You invest the time to make a great view for one client ... only to have to start from scratch creating the same view for another client. 
Now you can export an existing view and copy it to another view, carrying over all the widget, settings, names that are possible to bring over to the new view/client, saving the time and effort to rebuild the view.
To export a view, click the link icon and select "Export view as string" and copy the complete gibberish that appears.
To import this view, select NEW VIEW and select the "Import using an export code" option. Paste the gibberish in there, hit create and you're done! 3. MAGIC QUADRANT: QUICK SHOPS POPUP
The Magic Quadrant widget is one of most popular widgets, enabling clients to plot performance across two metrics at the same time (read about it here).
However, there's something about the bubbles on this graph that look irresistibly clickable ... only to bitterly disappoint when absolutely nothing happened.
Until today!  Now clicking on a bubble reveals quick shop information on the shop(s) "in that bubble", and links to view the entire shop. Now your clients can interact with the data and instantly answer the question "What's up with THAT shop?"


We hope you enjoy these frequently requested features!