Dragon v25.3 Update








Our new Dragon links bar adds quick access to commonly used features, making it easier for your clients to ditch their old Home pages and using the infinitely more attractive Dragon dashboards as their home page.


Spoiler Alert: We will soon be transitioning all clients to Dragon home pages, so this is a vital step in that direction!



The following links can be configured to show for all clients

  • Client Logs
  • Client Locations
  • Classic Reports

These links are displayed for clients with these features activated

  • Manager Change Requests
  • Make Kiosk (C-SAT) Links
  • Media Gallery (our recentlly released media browser view)




Our Net Promoter Score Widget is popular but many have difficulty setting it up (or understanding it) because the order of answers is ... well .. LESS than intuitive to some, requiring the first answer to be the most negative and the last answer to be the most positive. Having the first answer be the most negative tends to increase the incidence of negative answers being selected, so some clients may wish to flip that bias.


Now the NPS Widget can also be set to questions with eleven answers going from most positive to most negative:




As a reminder, here's what the Net Promoter Score widget ultimately looks like:




We hope you and your clients find these Dragon upgrades useful!