When using the reviewer interface, and opening a shop, the top left corner contains the manager information. If the managers listed for each level are not the current managers for the levels, look for a the link

"Click here if the manager information is not correct".  

If the managers appear to the system to be current, it will return "No unmatched managers found".

If the current manager for the level unit is different than for the individual shop, you'll see both, and be given the opportunity to update.


Doing that update will only change the single shop. Afterwards, though, you'll have the chance to make more sweeping changes to many shops by clicking one of the links on the resulting page:


Clicking "Store" would provide a list of any unmatched managers for that level, getting you the most results. You can also click the name of the manager or the level.


In this case, two shops are found that can be updated. Check the boxes and click Save Changes. You can click check all to select a lot of boxes at once. 

The page will confirm the update, and offer you a chance to search for more shops by location, level, or manager.