* Dragon Shop Views is a feature in beta release. This means not all features are available or supported within DSV at this time. * 

From the Client And form Settings page, click on the name of the Survey you want to set up DSV for.

In the Display section, enable Dragon Views for this survey. Save the Survey settings.

Return to the Client and Form Settings page. Select Dragon View Config from the Form Settings menu. 

Click Go. 

The Dragon Shop View configuration page will look like this the first time you configure it for a survey. 

On the left, the + will open the Widget Library, the list of widgets you can add to the shop view. 

At the top right, toggles are available to hide or show the Email button, PDF button, and Alternate Question Set button. All the way to the right is the option to configure the Theme for the shop view. 

First, let's add one widget.

Select the widget from the library and drag it to the shop view body. When you see yellow crosshatching, you can drop it in that location. 

Next, you can choose the settings for the widget you added. Click on the settings icon on the top left of the widget. 

Different widgets will have a different selection of available settings. 

Here, you will see:

Border and Formatting: choose the type of border for this widget. 

Data Focus: On some widgets you can choose a particular data point to focus on, such as the current evaluation, previous evaluation, or a whole location or level unit average.

Date Ranges: Options are :

        Current Period 
        Previous Period
  Past 12 Months 
       All Dates     

Graph Types: choose the type of visual graph for the widget

Heat Map: set score thresholds for colors 

Max # items per row: for widgets that have multiple graph elements, choose the layout

PDF Options: choose whether the PDF should have a page break before this widget

Sections/Overall: which sections to show

Show/Hide: Points, Score, or Graph * This feature is not supported in the PDF at this time, only on-screen. 

Groups, ULG, and Wave Filter: limit the data included in this widget by your client's Group, ULG, or Waves

Widget Sizes: some widgets may be set to full or half the width of the shop view body.

Widget Title: set a title for your widget, if you do not it will default to the name of the widget.


Different widgets have different available settings. Let's add a Key Question widget to see an example:

now open the settings for this Key Question widget:

This widget has some Question related settings, including "Questions" which is a list of questions on the survey. Select one of the questions. 

This sets the Key Question widget to display the response to this specific question on the shop. 

One widget that is almost always included in shop views is the Question List widget. This widget will always be full width. Typically it is placed below other widgets, but you can place it anywhere you wish. 

Note: At this time, the Question List widget in DSV does not support Smartforming or Grids. 

When you have selected all the widgets you want and chosen the settings for each, you can edit the theme for the shop view. 

Click the Theme icon on the very top right of the configuration page. 

This will open the theme selector, you can choose from any of the Themes on your system. Note: Themes are not limited by client, even though you may have created them with a particular client in mind, so take care not to select any theme that would contain another client's logo or other images. 

Don't see a Theme you like? You can create a new one in Theme Commander before selecting it here.

After selecting your theme, you must click "Publish" at the top of the configuration page to save and make live any changes you have made.