1) More Control Over Sharing Views To Different Managers

Sharing views with other managers is a powerful way to establish common metrics and goals across a company ... but sometimes you only want certain levels of managers to see those views.

We've just added the ability to share views with precisely the managers you want - maybe it's a view meant for only location & district managers ... or just district, region and division managers, etc. Now you can select exactly who gets to see this view (and gets to see it any time, updated in real time).

You'll notice we are now combining the settings for SHARING and DISTRIBUTION (aka Emailing Reports) in the same control box for greater convenience. Now you can see at a glance which managers are getting the periodic report emails or the immediate shared views ... or both!

2) Turn Distribution Emails On/Off for Locations/Levels with No Shops

Speaking of the Distribution Emails, we've now given you full control over what gets sent out to locations/levels that have no shops in a given period with the following checkbox:


No email will be sent for that location/level


Locations/levels with no shops will receive an email with a subject similar to:

Distro/Sharing reports has no data for 100 Main Street

... and a body similar to :

This is an automated email from the Service Universe system for March 2020.

No shops were found during this period.

Use the following link to view your most current data. This link is only valid for 14 days from the time of sending:


Note: Even though this location/level has no data for the given period, a link is still provided so the manager can conveniently view past data.

3) Custom Date Range size now selectable

Here's a great update for your clients that use custom date ranges instead of the usual monthly date ranges: Dragon Views (and their widgets) now enable you to select the default Custom Date Range size for all of its widgets. Previously, the smallest size was automatically selected.

Here's the Custom Date Range size selector in View Settings (in this example, the client has sizes which are named "Small", Medium" and "Large")

This will set all of the widgets to use the selected Custom Date Range size:

Widgets using MEDIUM size Custom Date Ranges 

(Medium size is set to quarterly time periods in this example)