The export tool allows you to download raw data, such as Locations, from Sassie into a tab-delimited file format that can be viewed in spreadsheet applications such as excel. If you want to update multiple locations, you can use the export feature to get a file that can be imported back into the system! 

From the main admin page select the client and survey from the dropdown menu and then go to Loc Admin.

Standard Export format

Before you begin your standard export, know that this format cannot be used in place of the required Location Import template for importing multiple locations. Click the location export (standard) link. Another browser with a status bar will show up with the overall progress of the process. When the export has completed a page will show explaining that the export was successful and will give a link to download the file. You will then be prompted to save the file. 

Export format for UPDATING and RE-IMPORTING

If you want to update multiple locations and then reimport the list, select Location Export (for UPDATING and RE-IMPORTING locations) link to start the process. You will again see the status bar and after the export has completed, you will see a page with guidelines for updating the file and a link to download the file. 

See also Bulk Updating Locations for details on importing bulk location updates.