Sassie's virtual sticky notes allow you to add quick informational notes to a specific location. You can set who can see and read the note. From the main admin page select a client/survey and then go to the Loc Admin. To add a sticky note, click the edit button to the right of the location you would like to add the sticky note for. On the location form in the location notes section, click the add note button. Type in your note and then choose who you would like to view the note. After you are done, click submit and you will see a "note created" message. You can now close out this window and click the "return to list" link. You will see a small yellow image to the left of the location. To view, edit, or delete the sticky note, click on the image. You can also create more than one stickies for one location. If there are two stickies for one location, you can see them next to each other. 

To save time, you can also bulk upload stickies. Stickies can be imported to multiple locations. You'll use a template to import your stickies. In order to bulk upload stickies, the Location Importer module must be activated. You can find the Template for bulk uploading stickies in the support tracker or on the Manage Stickies page. 

 Once you have finished filling out the template, you are ready to import it. Go to Loc Admin for the client you would like to do the import for, and then select Manage Stickies. There will be a dropdown menu that you will select bulk upload stickies.

 Once you select the file and submit, you are able to review the imported stickies. You can view the table of all the notes to be imported and review the note text and reader visibility type. Once you are ready, click the import button, and confirm that you would like to import the stickies. this will take you back to the import page and a note will tell you that the import was successful.