New and improved VocaZilla!

Available NOW!!

  • 100% VoIP-based
  • Uses the latest and greatest servers at Amazon AWS
  • Automatically selects dialup number based on Shopper's address
  • More reliable handling of caller ID blocking

We are excited to announce a major upgrade to VocaZilla, our integrated Telephone Shop system that lets your shoppers perform calls from their own phone and automatically record the call directly into SASSIE!

Amazon AWS

The new version of VocaZilla is implemented on the latest, most updated servers in the Amazon AWS cloud and is entirely VoIP-based (voice over IP). This means the new system is more scalable and more reliable. We also believe we will have more consistent results with blocking or showing caller ID.

International Options

The new system has "in-country" dial-up numbers for the US, the UK, Brazil, Australia and Canada. More countries can be added upon request. It also automatically matches the shopper country to the appropriate in-country dial-up number when they match. There is also a link to all available numbers if the shopper wishes to use a different number.

Upgrade Plan

For current users of VocaZilla, we will be migrating your SASSIE account to the new system over the next month or so. If you wish to get switched over immediately, just open a tracker notice and we will be happy to switch you over right now. Please specify if you want to always show the shoppers phone number in the caller ID or always block the caller ID.

Try it out!

If you already have VocaZilla on your system and you would like to try it out in advance, simply take any existing VocaZilla shop and use one of the new dial-up numbers with the existing verification and access codes and you will be on the new system.

Turn it on!

If you don't have VocaZilla on your system but would like to turn it on, just open up a tracker. There is no charge to turn it on and no monthly charges, just 25 cents per minute USD for calls anywhere in the world. Once enabled VocaZilla will show up as the "Recorded Phonecall" question type in the form creation UI. If you have any questions, please open a tracker notice.

Check it out!

Here is what a shopper based in the United States will see on their shop view. Please note the link for alternate numbers.

Here is what a shopper based in the Canada would see on their shop view. Please note the link for alternate numbers.

This is what the shopper would see when they click the link for additional phone numbers. If you would like to try out the new system before you are switched over, just take any VocaZilla shop, dial one of the new numbers below and enter the shop's existing verification and access codes.

If you are new to VocaZilla, this is what the question edit screen looks like in the form creation UI. Notice you can control whether the shopper can listen to the recording, how many call attempts they can make and the total length of the call.

Once the shopper has completed the call, they simply refresh the screen to see the call details and a button to listen to the call.