You can access Logs by going to your Admin Page> Selecting Logs at the top of the page


Next: Logs Page

Here you can search by Survey, ID, Dates, Location, Shopper, or Status > Select Go

A. Survey: Dropdown will appear - With Client name followed by Survey name.


LiveShopper: Test Survey

B. ID: If you know the ID, just add the numbers on the search field under the ID Column


C. Dates: If you are looking for a specif dates select to search by date ranges


D. Location: Search for Evaluations in a specific location to see status or edit


F. Shopper: If you are looking for Evaluations completed or in progress by one of your shoppers you can search specifically for them.


G. Status: You can search for the status of a Evaluation/Job. A dropdown will appear you can select the specific status that you are looking for


Client Logs 

To go to a specific Client Log 

Select Survey (Top Tab Highlighted)> Under Clients Tab -Select Logs

Looks very similar to All Client Log

Here you can search Evaluation ID, Levels, Score Ranges, Status