Question-based EKG


You’ve harnessed the power of EKG to see behind the numbers for locations and levels - now what?


With question-based EKG, you can dig into individual questions to get the full details on how to improve performance.


To activate EKG mode, click the EKG icon in the widget header.



Click on any highlighted information to see the EKG pop-up. The question-based EKG mode is divided into three parts. At the top of the pop-up, you’ll get answer distribution and potential score information:



In this example, we’ve clicked on the question “Rate the cleanliness of the Sporting Goods section.” The pie chart on the left shows us the answer distribution for this question. The number on the right tells us that if this question was scored 100% all of the time, the overall score would increase by 1%.


The middle section of the pop-up tells us about the questions that are most highly correlated with our EKG target question:



Dragon will automatically calculate up to five questions most highly correlated with the EKG target question. The number at the top right tells us that if our EKG target question AND the five most highly correlated questions scored 100%, the overall score would increase by 3%. The list below shows the list of correlated questions, how highly correlated those questions are, and the question score for those questions.


The bottom section of the pop-up shows us the lowest-performing locations for the EKG target question and its correlated questions.



The bar graph on the left shows you the five locations that scored the lowest in the company on these six questions (the EKG target and its five correlated questions). The donuts on the right show how the points these five locations lost impact the overall score. The top donut shows that out of all of the points the company missed for the EKG target question, these five locations lost 84% of those points. The bottom donut shows that out of all the points the company missed for these six questions, these five locations lost 68%.


By targeting the specific questions and locations in the question-based EKG pop-up, you are well on your way to improving your overall score. This feature of our business intelligence suite shows you exactly what’s driving the numbers down, and how exactly to drive them back up.