Widgets are elements on the screen that will provide useful data to your Client, usually in a graphical or tabular view.

Adding Widgets

Once you have a Dragon View set up, use the plus icon (+) in the top left corner of your browser tab to access the Widget Gallery. 

After you open the Gallery, find the widget you want to add, either by using the search bar or simply scrolling through the list. 

Some widgets might have a lock icon next to them, which implies that your Client does not have the functionality related to the widget active, so no data can be shown for that widget. The most common cases of locked widgets (functionalities that are not activated by default) are Action Items and Social Media widgets.

You can also pin the widget list to your View by clicking the pin icon in the top left corner of the Widget Gallery.

When you drag a widget from the Gallery to the View, shaded yellow drop zones will appear where you can place the widget:



You can add widgets to any View you have the permission to edit - you can tell that you can edit a View when you can see the settings gear in the top left corner of the widget. If you do not see the gear icon, create a new View, and you will be able to edit the widgets.