The Drilldown Ranking widget displays ranks of locations and levels, based on overall, section, or question scores. While ties are displayed with the same rank, peer levels are shown in gray and cannot be drilled. 

How does it work?

The percent rank of a score is the percentage of other scores in its frequency distribution that are the same or lower than it. For example, a score that is greater than or equal to 75% of the other scores is said to be at the 75th percent rank. 

Simply put, this is a method for comparing the performance of a particular level to that of other levels.

Location Details

If the Location Details option in the "Columns" settings is checked, the widget will have a new column added, with the link to the Details of a location.

Clicking the link will open a new tab in your browser, showing you the wanted location details.

Evaluation Table

If a specific survey has been chosen through the widget's settings, you will also be able to Display Response Column (an option available through the "Evaluation Table" setting).

"Evaluation Table: Response Column Question" will allow you to select a specific question from the survey, while the "Evaluation Table: Response Column Question" allows you to rename the label of the new column that is displayed in the widget. 

This allows you to see details about the selected question directly in the widget.

Drilldown functionality

The widget allows you to drill down through the hierarchy to the "Evaluations" pop up window, which will display a list of evaluations for the location belonging to the hierarchy you drilled down through. 

Using the left PC icon will open the evaluation in a new tab of your browser, while using the right PDF icon will create a PDF of that evaluation.

If the Display Evaluation table in-line instead of pop-up option is active (you can turn it on and off in the "Evaluation Table" setting), you will still be able to use the PC icon or the PDF icon, in-line.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing most of other settings of this widget.