The Recent Evaluations widget displays all recently completed evaluations, colour-coded by level. Each bubble represents a single evaluation.


You can filter the data displayed depending on ULGs, Waves, Surveys, Dates and Response Filters, but a simple way to customize the view is by selecting and deselecting level names in the legend!

However, just hoovering over a bubble will show you the shop date of the evaluation, as well as the score and the level. Selecting an individual bubble will open the shop view for that evaluation.

Graph Types

Setting the Graph Type to Table allows you to customize the widget quite extensively.

"Additional Question Columns" option offers you the possibility to add any of the questions from the chosen survey to the widget, up to five questions. Once the question is added, "Additional Question Columns Custom Headers" will allow you to update the text of the selected question/s, if needed.

Using the Screen link will open the evaluation in a new tab of your browser, while using the PDF link will create a PDF of that evaluation. 

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing other settings of this widget.