The Survey Summary widget shows a percentage of each answer option selected.

Breakdown displays either Averages or Sums, depending on settings of the "Averages or Sums" option. 

Question Score is the percentage of possible score achieved for this question.

Potential Impact is the amount that the overall score would have increased if the question was answered perfectly.

Potential Evaluation Score is the overall score that the evaluation would have if the question was answered perfectly.

Selecting any of the questions will open a new subsection, displaying the data in a detailed, graphical format.

Selecting either the pie or the bar will open another drilldown, displaying the evaluations that had the question answered, depending on the filter you used. In other words, selecting the "Snack Bar" part of the pie chart will list the 25 evaluations in which that answer option was chosen.

Using the left PC icon will open the evaluation in a new tab of your browser, while using the right PDF icon will create a PDF of that evaluation.

Question Score

We mentioned previously that this scoring metric is "the percentage of possible score achieved for this question". But what does that actually mean, and what is the math behind it?

For this example, we set the "Averages or Sums" setting to Sums so we can easily see how many times an answer was selected. 

For the question "How would you rate the overall cleanliness of the theater?", each of the answers has a different scoring:

Answer 1: Excellent (3)

Answer 2: Good (2)

Answer 3: Average (1)

Answer 4: Poor (0)

To get the actual points of each answer, we multiply the amount of times an answer was chosen with their scoring:

Answer 1 was chosen in 22 evaluations - this means that answer 1 scored 66 points (22 * 3)

Answer 2 was chosen in 7 evaluations - 14 points (7 * 2)

Answer 3 was chosen in 8 evaluations - 8 points (8 * 1)

Answer 4 was chosen in 8 evaluations - 0 points (8 * 0)

This gets us to the actual amount of earned points: 88 (66 for answer 1 + 14 for answer 2 + 8 for answer 3).

The maximum possible amount of points, if each of the answers was 1 (as answer 1 gives the maximum possible points), for the 45 evaluations that had this question answered is 135 (45 * 3). 

Rounded up, 88 (actual amount of points) is 65.19% of 135 (maximum amount of points). 

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing most of other settings of this widget.