The Key Question widget displays the distribution of answer options for a single, multiple choice question, as well as the average score for that question.

The "Question" setting allows you to select the question you want to see the scores for, while "Heat Map" one ensures that the Score label is shown in the colour of your choosing. 

Display Options

Depending on the type of question selected, you can show the answers in the Pie or Bar "View Type", as well as select which elements will be shown on the widget through the Toggle Elements" option.

The "View Type" will also allow you to show the data as counts or percentages, depending on what you need.

Answer Options

Once you have a question you want to see the data for selected, you can further customize your widget through different "Answer" options, allowing you to aggregate answers into groups, as well as change the labels of those groups.

The "Colors" suboption ensures that your widget's colouring system matches that of your Client's theme as well!

Hoovering over any of the bars will show you more details regarding the data you are viewing.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing other settings of this widget.