The Question Correlation widget displays the relationship between two scores. Correlation factor can be overall score, section score or an individual question.

How does it work?

When two sets of data are strongly linked together they have a high correlation. The correlation range is 0% to 100%, where zero is no correlation and 100 is perfect correlation.

The strength thresholds are:

0 = none

0.1 - 20 = negligible

20.1 - 30 = weak

30.1 - 50 = moderate

50.1 - 70 = strong

70.1 - 99.9 = very strong

100 = perfect

The higher the percentage in the Correlation column, the more two numbers are related. A score of 0% means no correlation and 100% means perfect correlation. Correlation is Direct when the values increase together, and correlation is Inverse when one value decreases as the other increases. 

If you would like more technical information on how this works, check this help file!

Drilldown functionality

Selecting a row in the widget will open a more detailed correlation view, displaying the evaluations that fall into the correlation metrics filter you chose.

Selecting any of the bubbles will open an "Evaluations" pop up window, showing you a list of evaluations that belong to selected correlation filtering.

Using the left PC icon will open the evaluation in a new tab of your browser, while using the right PDF icon will create a PDF of that evaluation.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing most of other settings of this widget.