The Flashpoints widget displays outliers amongs levels and questions. There are 3 types of Flashpoints.

Level history which displays level members who differ from their 12 month scores significantly.

Question history which displays question scores that differe from their 12 month average.

Level hierarchy which displays level members who differ from other members of their hierarchy, for the current date range.

Additional data

Selecting an option in any of the widget displays will open a new popup, displaying the data in a graphical format for the current data range.

Hoovering over a bubble will show you the shop date of the evaluation as well as the score and the level.

How does it work

Flashpoints are ordered by most standard deviation to least.

Question History values are weighted x4, as smaller standard deviations in question scores have larger real world impact.

We use population standard deviation for these calculations.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing other settings of this widget.