Custom date ranges can be used in reports and logs and anywhere there are date selectors. Once custom date ranges are set up, date selectors will use the "select a period and number of periods" method rather than setting start and end dates.

To set up Custom Date Ranges:

From the Clients Tab on the Main Admin Page select the Client.

Select Custom Date Ranges from the Config area.

Select Add New Custom Date.

Input the name of the Date Range (Note: try to utilize a naming convention that will be understandable to users).

Select the Date Range Start date.

Select the Date Range End date.

Select the Date Range Type.

Select the year in which the date range occurs.

Select Add New.

Repeat the steps above until you have added all needed Date Ranges.

When you have defined all your ranges, you can switch the client's settings to use these instead of a standard calendar. 

On the Client and Form Settings page for the client, change the Type of Year setting to Custom and save.