Groups and ULGs are both ways to categorize Locations in Sassie. Each location can belong to one "group" at a time, but can belong to many ULGs.    

For example you could decide to use Group to sort locations into "Drive Through" and "No Drive Through" locations. Each location can be in one of those groups but never in both. You could then use ULGs to sort locations by "Menu types", "Parking types", "Liquor license status" , and so on, and a location can belong to as many of those as needed.

To set up ULGs initially, go to ULG admin from the main admin page. 

Click on Create Group Set. 

Give the Group Set a descriptive name. 

There are two options for settings: you can set the ULG Set so that each location can be in only one group within the set, or multiple; and you can choose whether clients can see this ULG set in Reporting. 

In this example, the ULG Set is named Menu types. They will be visible to clients and each location can only have one Menu type designation:

Click on Add New Set. 

Once the set is added, you will add a new group to the set. You can click either add Group button, or "Add new group to this set" .

Give the group a name , and click Add New Group. 

You will see the newly added group, and an option to Add Locations to Group:

When you click Add Locations to Group, a new tab or window will open, with a location selector. You can choose locations by several methods. in this example, we are selecting Individual locations from a full list of locations, so click Select Individual Locations and click Go:

Check off the locations you want in this group

Click Go, and the locations selected will appear on the right side. If the list is complete and correct, click Done.

This tab or window will close and you will see the ULG page update, showing the locations that belong to this group now.

Repeat the steps to create as many groups within the set as you need, and as many sets as you need to define.

You can also use a template to upload a list of locations and ULGs they should be assigned to. 

Download the blank template from the main tracker page:

Open the file in a spreadsheet application. 

Fill in the information as directed in the file. 

Save the file as a tab-delimited text file. To upload to Sassie, go to the Location Administration page for the client, and choose "Bulk Location Groups/Circuits Import"

In the upload window, you can select settings for these Groups or group sets, if they do not already exist in Sassie. If the groups/sets already exist, choose the first option. Click Submit to finish the import.