Groups and Unlimited Location Groups are both ways to categorize Locations in Sassie. 

To get to the Location Group Admin page, start at the main Admin Page

In both cases, you will need to select a client, and then you can either head to the Clients tab and use the Add/Edit Locations link, or simply use the Quick Jump bar!

Once there, select Unlimited Location Groups option from the Levels & Groups dropdown and hit the GO button.

Add an ULG

To add an ULG simply use the add GROUP SET button.

Make sure to add a descriptive name to your new ULG. In this step, you can decide will each location only be allowed to belong to one group, and whether can Clients see this ULG in Reporting.

Once satisfied, use the Add New Set button.

Add a Group

Now, once the set has been added, you will add a new group to it by either using the add Group button, or Add New Group to this Set button.


Give your new Group a descriptive name and hit the Add New Group button to add it.

Add Locations to Group

Once you have the ULG and Group in place, it is time to add Locations to the Group!

Make sure you are in the right ULG and Group, and select the edit GROUP button. Once the new options display on your screen, hit the Add Locations to Group button.

A new window with the location selector will open, allowing you to choose locations by several methods. 

The location selector will also remind you to which Group and ULG you are adding locations for. Once you are satisfied with the method, hit the Go button to move on.

Check off the locations you want added, and use the Go button again.

Selected locations will appear on the right side. If you want to remove any of them, simply uncheck the box next to the location and use the Update button.

Otherwise, if the list is complete and correct, click Done.

The location selector window will close, and you will see the ULG page, displaying the added locations.

You can repeat the steps as many times needed. Or, simply use the ULG Import/Export utility!

How can I make this work best for me?

If, during the ULG creation, you have decided that each location only be allowed to belong to one group, and you attempt to add a location to a different group, you will be presented with a choice after you exit the location selector.

Since the location 2 already belongs to the "Blue Seats" Group of the 'Outdoor Cinema' ULG, and the Unique Locations setting of that ULG is active, you won't be able to add the location 2 to the other group, "Red Seats".


On the other hand, if your ULG does not have the Unique Locations setting active, you can have one location belong to multiple groups.

In this example, location 2 can belong to both the "3D Screen" and "Standard Screen" Groups of the 'Indoor Cinema' ULG.

While the Unique Locations setting can be turned off after Group creation, there is no way to turn it back on once it has been disabled!

Notice how locations can belong to multiple ULGs at the same time, but their association with the ULGs Group's depends on your setting!