Scores can be assigned to Yes - No questions to collect responses and calculate shop score.  Responses are recorded via selection of radio buttons or check boxes.

Follow the steps for Adding a Question.

Select Yes - No from the Question Format drop down.


Select the position on the form for the question.  The default is to add the question to the bottom of the form but it may be positioned after a specific question as well.


Select Add.


Input the Text of Question.  This is the text that will appear to the shopper.  The question should be worded in manner that it can be answered by wither Yes or No.

Assign the scoring for responses.  These scores will be used in calculating the overall score of the shop.

Note - to prevent a response from affecting scoring, select N/A for the response. 

To change the format of the question go to  Formatting Questions.

To change the scoring on the question select Including Question Score and Bonus Questions

When all selections are complete, select Add New.