A Checkbox question is used to allow the shopper to select an option or response  An unchecked response is equivalent to a "No" response while a checked response is equivalent to a "Yes" response.  The form can use text selection or images to label the checkbox.

For questions that require more than a Yes or No response the Multi-Checkbox Question should be used.  

To add a Checkbox Question:

From the Question List page, select Checkbox from the Question Format drop down.


Select the position from the Position drop down.


Select Add.

Input the text of the question.  Question text should be phrased so that a Yes or No response is appropriate.

Assign the scoring for responses.  These scores will be used in calculating the overall score of the shop.

Note - to prevent a response from being included in the overall shop score, select N/A. 

Alteration of Checkbox Display

Select the display for the response from the Display Response To Client As drop down.  This does NOT change the appearance to the shopper - only how results are displayed to the Client.  There are four options available:

Text: Yes/No
The standard view, this causes yes answers to display to the client as the word "Yes", and no answers to display as the word "No".

Text: Yes/Blank
Like the standard view, the yes answers will still display as "Yes" but the no answers will not display at all. This can make it easier to locate the yes answers in a long list of checkboxes.

Image: Checked/Unchecked
As an alternative, checkbox responses can be displayed as images. Yes answers will display as a checked box and no answers will display as an unchecked box.

Image: Checked/Blank
And finally, yes answers can be displayed as a checked box while no answers are left blank, again making it easier to find the yes answers in a long list.

To change the format of the question go to Formatting Questions.

To change the requirements for the question select Setting Question Requirements

To change scoring and add a bonus question select Scoring and bonus questions

When all selections are complete, select Add New.