A Multi-Checkbox Question is used when there can be more than one option for selection.  An unchecked response is equivalent to a "No" response while a checked response is equivalent to a "Yes" response. Scores are assigned to each selection and can be calculated into the shop score.

To add a Multi-Checkbox Question to a survey:

From the Question List page, select 'Multi-Checkbox (Mult Choice)' from the Question Format drop down.


Select the position from the Position drop down, and then click Add


Input the text for the question.

Input the text to be displayed for each response.

If more than 5 responses are needed then select the "Add 5 more answers" link.

Input the score associated with each response. 

You can limit the total score on a multicheck question. For example if you had 10 options each worth a point but you want to cap the total points at 3, enter 3 for max score.

Response Groups:  Responses can be assigned groups. If groups are used, the shopper is limited to selecting responses from within a single group.  To assign groups, enter the same number for each response you want to be part of the same group.  For example, if you wanted the first 3 answers to be in one group, you could enter '1' in the Group field for each of those answers.  Then for answer 4, you could enter '0'.  This would prevent the shopper from submitting the shop with answers from multiple groups selected.  A common use of this is if the last answer is "None of the above" and you don't want shoppers to select both that and anything in the list above it. 

If the shopper does select responses from different groups, then upon submission of the shop an error/Oops will display next to the question:

Note - to prevent a response from being included in the score, select N/A. 

To change the format of the question go to Formatting Questions.

To change the question requirements select Question Requirements

To change scoring or add a bonus question select Scoring and Bonus Questions

When all selections and settings on your new question are complete, scroll to the bottom and click the 'Add New' button.