To add a Multi-Checkbox question, follow the steps for adding a question to a survey.

A Multi-Checkbox Question allows for the selection of multiple options. An unchecked box corresponds to a "No" response, while a checked box corresponds to a "Yes" response.

Add more responses

If you require more than five responses, simply use the Add 5 more answers link.

Limit the Score

You can limit the total score on a Multi-Checkbox question by inputting a number in the Max score for question box.

For an example, if you had 10 options, each worth 1 point, but you want to cap the total points at 3, you would enter the number 3 in the field for the max score.

Response Groups

Responses can be categorized into groups. When groups are used, the shopper can only select a response from within a single group.

To assign an answer to a group, enter the same number for each response you want to be a part of the same group.

In this example, the first three answers are in one group (group "1"), and the last answer is in a different group (group "2"). This would prevent a shopper to submit a shop if they selected answer 1 ("Snack Bar") and answer 4 ("None of the above").

If the shopper does select responses from different groups, an error will display next to the question upon the submission of the shop.

Display format

The format of the response selection depends on the number of answer options.

Remember to review the sectionsvisibility and formattingN/A scoringquestion scoring and question requirements knowledge base articles as needed!