To add a Scored Number question, follow the steps for adding a question to a survey.


A Scored Number Question can be used to collect a numeric response between a minimum and maximum number. 

The upper limit will determine the total points possible for that question. For example, if a scored number is answered as 1 and the upper limit is 10, it would score 1/10.

Number Questions and Scored Number Questions function similarly, with the distinction that Number Questions do not affect the overall or section score, whereas Scored Number Questions score the same amount as the number entered.

Answer range

If you want to limit the answer range, you can do that easily by inputting the minimum and maximum allowed values.

Display formatting 

You can add labels before and after the values on forms, reports, or both.

Remember to review the sectionsvisibility and formattingN/A scoringquestion scoring and question requirements knowledge base articles as needed!