To add a Date Question, follow the steps for adding questions to a survey.

Date Questions can be used to input important dates. When you create a survey, a date question marked as an official shop date will be automatically added for you.

To prevent shoppers from changing the date after saving the shop, mark the "Do not allow shoppers to pick dates in the future" checkbox.

Input format

There are two possible input formats for this type of question, pull-down menus and a pop-up calendar.

Display format

The display of the question will depend on the selected input format.

The pull-down menus option will add three menus, one for each date selector.

On the other hand, if you select a pop-up calendar, using the calendar icon next to the date label will open a pop-up, allowing the shopper to select the date on the calendar.

You can also add a label after the date, denoting the date format that should be selected.

Remember to review the sectionsvisibility and formattingand question requirements knowledge base articles as needed!