To add a Picture Upload Question, follow the steps for adding questions to a survey.

Picture Upload questions allow shoppers to upload pictures and can be used to collect pictures of receipts or products, and Photo DNA functionality can be used to validate the uploaded pictures. 

Photo DNA

To enable Photo DNA, select the checkbox next to the label.

And to view the Photo DNA settings, simply use the link!


The default maximum resolution for pictures is 400 pixels. Larger uploads will automatically be resized to fit within this limit when uploaded to Sassie.

To update this setting, you will need to open a Support Tracker. Remember to note the Client and the wanted resolution. Please note that we are unable to update the resolution of pictures that have already been uploaded retroactively.

The maximum file size for an upload is 50 MB. This cannot be adjusted at this time.

Display Formatting

The question format will include the text of the question and the Upload button.

Using the button will open a new pop-up, allowing the shopper to add, and upload their picture (or pictures).

Remember to review the sectionsvisibility and formatting, and question requirements knowledge base articles as needed!