Option 1: Use Express Setup to Create your Client and Survey and start adding your questions.

Using Express Setup allows you to:

Create a Client

Create a Survey

Add a Location to generate test shops

Start programming your questionnaire immediately

The required fields are the following:

  • Client name
  • Business type
  • Survey name
  • Location ID
  • Location Name
  • Location Address
  • Level 1 Name (usually store or location)

Option 2: Set up and customize your client and survey setting separately

Client Settings

In Client Settings, you can set client defaults, manage Year Types, Level Labels, Dragon defaults, and Manager Change Request settings.

The required fields are the following:

  • Client Name

  • Business Type (used in shop posting emails to shoppers and displayed on the job board)

  • Type of year

  • Date range menu type

Visit the Client setting page to learn more about Client Settings.

Survey Setting

Under Survey Settings, you can manage survey defaults, advanced survey settings, Kiosk shops, triggers, scoring, display options, and sections. The only required field on this page is Survey Name. 

Visit the Survey Setting page to learn more about Survey Settings

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