Chameleon Shop View

The final stage is setting up your program and configuring the client reporting options. The first step is configuring the Chameleon Shop View option. 

Select a theme and a Widget Preset and select Turn Chameleon On for this survey. If you don’t have a Widget Preset, then simply leave it as “None”

The following is what the default view looks like:

Chameleon Shop Configurator

The grey bar at the top of the screen gives you access to the Widget drawer and additional chameleon resources. By dragging and dropping, you can add additional widgets of data onto the shop view. Switching themes will change the look of the shop view containers and text.

Each widget has a number of config options that can be adjusted using the wrench in the header bar and deleted using the trash can. After Saving your settings, you can log in as a client to see what they see.

Client Home (Dragon Dashbord)

By going to Client Home, you will be able to see what your client will see. On their dashboard, they will have numerous widgets. You are able to customize this dashboard further!

To Customize the Client Dashboard, go to the dropdown that says default, and click create a new view, Name the view, and then decide if you would like to set it as the default view, then click create. You will now notice a small plus sign in the upper left corner of the page; this is how you can add new widgets. To add a widget, drag and drop it into the place you would like it to go.

To get to widget settings, click the gear in the upper left corner of the widget.

For information about using Dragon please see Dragon 2021.