The main Administration page serves as the primary gateway to access various sections of the system efficiently. Here, you will find everything you need for swift navigation through features such as Favourites, Recent, and the Smart Search Bar (Quick Jump).

Let's delve into the key components of the page:

1. Main navigationThese links go to specific, commonly used pages.

  • Admin - The main Administration page
  • Logs - The Admin Shop Log page
  • Review - The Admin Shop Review page
  • Scheduler - The main Scheduler page
  • Help - Clicking this link will provide a pop-up with the information about the page you are currently viewing
  • Logout - Log out from your account

2. Client/survey selector:  In this search bar, you are able to select the Client and Survey you want to work on.

  •    Typically, this is the first thing you will want to do on the Admin page.

3. Smart Search Bar (Quick Jump): Easily navigate to specific pages by entering keywords or the page name into the Smart Search Bar. It will provide you with a list of matches to choose from.

4. Favourites: To add a page to your Favourites tab, simply click the star icon next to the page listing.

5. Recent: We automatically keep track of the pages you have visited most recently, and they conveniently accessible here.

6. Announcements: The Announcements widget enables you to post messages for everyone to see, ensuring important information reaches all users effectively.

  • To add a new Announcement, simply click the New button at the top right of the widget.

  • Occasionally, we also utilize this widget to announce new features, or scheduled maintenance windows.

7. Micro-Reports: The Micro-Reports widget deck offers a simple way to quickly check project statuses in one glance.