Alternate question sets are often used to have multiple languages in one survey, but they can also be used for other things. A client's version of the questions and responses could be different from the shopper's for example. 

Before you can enter alternate text for individual questions on a survey, you need to create a Set for that text to belong to.

From the Main Admin Page, use Quick jump to go to Global Question Set.

In Global Question Sets, you can create a label for a set, and set the permissions for the set.

In this example, we add both English and French, as you will need at least two to be able to alternate. At this point, these are just labels, but you will want the label to make sense to the shopper and client if the set is to be visible to them.

Once you have set up your Global Question Set Names, then you can proceed to the survey settings page to set up Alternate question sets.