Description: Create multiple survey translations or different versions of survey questions to be visible to different types of users.

The Alternate Question Sets section of survey settings allows you to choose which alternate question sets are enabled and provides access to the Alternate Question Set Editor for a survey.

Here’s how to add an alternate question set to a survey:

  • From the Main Admin Page, type "Global Question Set" or "Alt Question Sets" into the Quick Jump bar.

At that page, add at least two question set labels, as you will need at least two to be able to alternate. At this point, these are just labels, but you will want the label to make sense to the shopper and client. We will use English and French in our example here.

  • Next, on the Survey Settings, you'll notice some additional settings where you can select the question sets that you'd like to use as options to the viewer. A default setting (Primary Question Set) must also be made.

  • Tick the checkbox next to the question set or sets you want enabled. If there are no sets listed or the language you need is missing from the list, then first add question sets in Global Question Sets (search Alt Question Sets in quick jump on the admin dashboard).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.
  • Still in survey settings, find the Alternate Question Sets section again and click the Add/Edit Alternate Questions link to open the Alternate Question Set Editor and create your translation.

- The alternate question text page can also be reached from the Client Settings page from the far-right drop down.

  • The Alternate Question Set Editor page, where you physically add alternate text is a side-by-side view of the available sets, where translations can be entered and stored.

After that, the shopper or client would be able to pick their desired display set from a dropdown on the survey itself. Be warned however that changing sets will reload the page, potentially dropping any answers in progress. Shoppers requiring an alternate set should be made aware that they should make their selection first, before answering any questions. 

Please note that only completed alternate question sets will display as options to select for the shopper or client.  If a question set is not displaying as an option for the shopper or client, you will need to make sure all questions are complete on that set in order for it to appear.