With External Links (External Collaboration), you can collaborate with a mystery shopping company NOT on the SASSIE platform.  This can be used when you want to control the shops, but don't want the evaluators to have to sign up as shoppers.

(For information on collaboration with another SASSIE platform, please see instead Collaboration.) 

Here's how to make use of these External Links features:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, choose the client/survey and go to External Collaboration.
  2. In the Level/Location section, choose the levels and/or location for which you want to create links.
  3. Click View. A list of locations for which links will be generated will appear along with an Options button.
  4. Click the Options button. The External Links options will expand to show additional options.
  5. Tick the Generate jobs checkbox if you want the jobs automatically generated. Leave this blank if you only want a job created when the links are clicked.
    NOTE: SASSIE job generation must be done at the same time the links are created. You cannot go back and generate jobs for links that have already been created. If you created links for locations and then try to generate jobs after, new links will be created.
    NOTE: Please use the Generate jobs option with caution because the generated jobs can only be removed manually.
  6. Fill in a Due Date.
  7. As needed choose a wave and fill in other dates. 
  8. Choose the level managers you'd like the links emailed to. The emails will go out to primary managers only, and each will receive a single email with a list of links and codes.
  9. Click Process Options.

You will be greeted with a confirmation page which tells you how many jobs have been created as well as a list of created jobs which includes the Job IDs (if you chose Generate jobs), Locations, Access Keys, and external links.