Locationless Jobs belong to a session that does not limit potential shoppers based on proximity to a location. Jobs that are Locationless will appear above the job board map in a new section labeled Web & Phone Shops and can be applied to by shoppers regardless of shoppers' locations (or only limited by country).

To create Locationless Jobs:

  1. From Admin Dashboard, choose a Client/Survey and in Quick Jump type and go to Create Sessions .
  2. Click Create Session next to the the profile to be used (create a new profile if needed). The Scheduler Wizard will open.
  3. Under Advanced Settings tick the box labeled Make Jobs In Session Locationless.
  4. Choose whether jobs in the session will be appear on the Job Board to all shoppers or just to shoppers in same country.
  5. Click Save Settings.

When locationless jobs are available to a shopper, they will appear on the Job Board above the map in a section labeled Web & Phone Shops. Expanding that section reveals all locationless sessions, each of which can be expanded to show the actual jobs and Apply links. If no locationless jobs are available the section will not appear.

Note: Keep in mind that the 'Locationless' setting can be chosen only when creating a new session! After the session is created, this setting cannot be updated.