The Nevada Blocker feature protects your company and shoppers from legal action if your company lacks a P.I. license. Nevada requires all mystery shops (more specifically, evaluations where an employee’s performance is being evaluated*) to be conducted by an employee of a company with a private investigator’s license. Nevada assesses heavy penalties for companies who schedule shops in NV without a P.I. license and for mystery shoppers who are independent contractors/not employed by a company with a P.I. license. 

Both auto and manual scheduling are affected by Nevada Blocker, preventing jobs being scheduled on a Nevada location by accident. If a scheduler attempts to schedule a Nevada job, an error will be returned stating that the system does not have permission to do evaluations in Nevada.

If your company has a P.I. license in Nevada (or has contracted a scheduling company with a P.I. license) and you need to have the Nevada Blocker turned off, please create a SASSIE Tracker support ticket.

*Note: The P.I. license restriction may not apply to other types of evaluations where an employee is not being directly evaluated, such as compliance audits (where the company’s compliance to regulations or standards is being audited), merchandising audits, etc.