The Trending - Net Promoter Score® displays the NPS data over time.

The Net Promoter Score® is the percentage of promoters, minus the percentage of detractors. In other words, it is a metric that quantifies customer loyalty by measuring the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. You can find more details on NPS in a different help article.

Question Types

Like the standard Net Promoter Score® widget, it's typically used for “Would you recommend?” and “Would you return?” types of questions with answers from 0-10, but can technically be set to use any multiple choice question with 11 answer options.

Graph Types

Alongside the Line "Graph Type" (displayed above), other options include the Bar as well as Stacked Bar graph types.

This widget also allows the user to zoom in on an area of a graph, as well as to select and deselect levels using the legend at the bottom of the graph.

Other settings

Remember to check a different help article detailing other settings of this widget.