Table of Contents:

  1. Enabling Auto Change
  2. Shopper Side Auto Change
  3. Admin Side Auto Change
  4. Reviewing Auto Change Changes
  5. Editing Auto Change Rules


Auto Change (Auto Correct) has been designed as a time saving tool to assist reviewing jobs. Since there is a wide variety of preferences and requirements between industries and programs, by default Auto Change only has a few basic rules enabled. Before enabling Auto Change, we highly recommend defining your Auto Change Rules to get the most out of this tool.

Video Demo

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1. Enabling Auto Change

To enable Auto Change (Auto Correct), you must first enable the module on the MSP level. To do this, create a support tracker. Once the module is enabled, Auto Change can be enabled on a per survey basis. Please note that Auto Change requires Admin Review History to be enabled for the service to run on the survey since it leverages admin review history to differentiate and track changes. 

To enable auto change on a survey you must have the premium module permission enabled on your admin account. If you do not have this permission, ask your MSP representative or have your MSP representative create a support tracker to get this permission enabled for the appropriate MSP admin accounts.

For admin users with the premium module permission, you can enable both admin review history and Auto Change (Auto Correct) in the first section of the form settings page. If this option is not available to you, please verify you have the correct permissions and if you are still having issues please contact support via the support tracker to verify your MSP has the Auto Change (Auto Correct) module enabled.

Select the 'Enable Auto Correct for Text and Narrative questions (Requires Admin Review History)' (and 'Enable Admin Review History on this survey' if review history is not already enabled for this survey) and save the settings. Once this setting has been saved, Auto Change will be enabled for all jobs submitted into completed status moving forward.  Auto Change (with Review History included) costs just $0.25/shop above your normal SASSIE fee, enabling your editors to get more done in less time.

2. Shopper Side Auto Change

Auto Change will run when a shopper initially submits into completed status. Submits below completed status are not tracked. However, if a shop is moved back below completed status, subsequent submissions into completed status will be tracked. 

Auto Change runs on all text and narrative questions for surveys that have Auto Change enabled. When a specific question triggers one or more auto change rules, the initial, unmodified shopper submission will be recorded and associated with the shopper in review history. A new entry will then be added, associated with autocorrect and made the current entry in the job record.

3. Admin Side Auto Change

Auto Change does not run by default on the admin side. If you wish run Auto Change, you will need to check the 'Run Auto Correct on submit' option. With that option selected, Auto Change will run once you submit the admin review page. Auto Change will only run on the admin side when manually enabled to prevent overwriting review modifications.

Note: The 'Run Auto Correct on submit' option will only be available for jobs that have been initiated with review history. If you are looking to Auto Change a historical job, you will need to submit from the admin review page to initial review history. Once this has been done, review history and Auto Change will be available to that job moving forward from that submit.

4. Reviewing Auto Change Changes

Whenever Auto Change makes a modification, it will always add an entry in the admin review history table on the admin review page. To view the history of a question, click the clock icon next the the question or click the global clock icon to expand all question review history.

The review history will list all recorded answers from the newest to the oldest and by default will show markups indicating any changes between that answer and the previous historical answer as follows:

  • Any additions to the text will be underlined
  • Any removals will be struck through

Markups can be disabled by clicking the 'Show/Hide Highlighting' link next to the answers header.

The current selected answer will have a checkbox next to it, and that answer will be available for editing in the standard answer box. Please note that no changes will be highlighted or recorded until the admin review page is submitted.

5. Editing Auto Change Rules

Auto Change rules can be defined to run on:

  1. The entire MSP
  2. A whole client
  3. A single survey

By default, only basic, non language specific rules are enabled. We have a small set of suggested English rules which are available here.

For more information on setting up your Auto Change library to meet your program's needs, visit the Auto Change library help page here.