To start, let's log in! As a new user, you will be supplied with admin login credentials which consist of a link to the login page, a username, and a password. 

To log in, go to the Admin Log in button, enter your credentials, and hit go. This will take you to the main admin page of Sassie. 

There are a number of things you can do from the main admin page, but as a new user, the first area that you should know about are the resources and support links, located in the Admin tab under Resources. 

From here, you can access the Support Tracker, Classie, the marketing site, along with other important resources like the Sassie Blog.

After reviewing Classie, along with the other provided training materials, its now time to create your first client!

To add a client, click Add New Client located in the Clients tab under Setup

This will take you to the client settings page. There are only 4 required fields:

  1. Client Name
  2. Business Type: used to describe the shop in the shop posting email and will be displayed on the job board
  3. Type of Year
  4. Date Range Menu Type

All other settings can be set at a later point in time and can be updated at any time. To get started, let's fill in the 4 required fields and make decisions about the other settings later. For this exercise, the client we are going to add is named Granite State Herps. Once you fill out the required fields, select Add New. Now, at the top we will see that we have created our client.