You have already Created a Profile and Created a Session. Once shoppers have applied for those Open Shops (also called Autojobs), it is time for you to select the shoppers and assign them. 

1. From the main scheduler page, choose View Sessions

2. Click View Sessions again to see the sessions for the selected client. 

3. You will see all the sessions listed. In the column titled "Jobs Assigned", you can see how many of the Open Shops or AutoJobs have been assigned to shoppers. Click Process next to your session. 

4. You will see all the open shops, (also called Autojobs), listed on the left. Click one of them to view any shopper applications and assign the shop.

5. You can see the shopper applications on the right. The shopper names, ratings, distance from the location, and pick dates (if requested) are all displayed, so that the scheduler can decide which of the shoppers to assign the open shop to. 

One of the shoppers has an "I" instead of a button to select--this shopper is ineligible for the shop, and the scheduler cannot select that shopper. 

There are also links to each shopper's Log (list of past and current shops), Profile (details about the shopper), and Citations, if any (notes about each shopper, made by schedulers or reviewers in the past). 

6. Once you select a shopper, scroll down and double-check on the Report Date, Due Date, Pay and Expenses. You can click on Assign Shopper to assign the selected shopper without any changes to the shop's settings, or you can make any changes necessary to the dates or pay and then click "Change Settings and Assign shopper if selected". 

7. The page will refresh and you will see this shop is labeled "asgn'd" (Assigned) and the selected shopper has been emailed an acceptance email. The other shoppers have been emailed that they were not assigned. 

Repeat for each open shop. 

Too many locations to assign shoppers this way? You may want to consider a session with Self-Assign settings or Qualified Self-Assign settings.