Now that we have created a form, we need to add at least one location to schedule a shop.  We can add a location from the main admin page! If you are continuing from the Survey setup article, you are still on the question list page. To get to the main admin page, you can click on the admin button at the top of the page. from here you can add a location by selecting the client from the client and survey dropdown menu and in the Clients tab, under Setup, select Add/Edit Locations.

Now that we are on the Loc Admin page, select, Add Location from the dropdown under Import/Export, if it isn't already selected. Now, enter your location information, and click add new at the bottom of the page. We will go over how to bulk add locations in another article.

 The last step before assigning your survey to your shopper is to approve the form. From the main admin screen, select your client and survey and select Client and Form settings. From here, you are going to hit the approve link on the survey you want to approve. Click on the checkboxes, type in your name, add any comments if applicable, and then click approve form at the bottom of the page.