While Sassie does not send any payments to shoppers directly, Shopper Billing gives you the ability to easily determine which shops are available for payment and lets you create a tab-delimited export file you can upload to your accounting software system, your bank, or to PayPal, if you use PayPal to pay your shoppers. The types of exports available here are determined by which payment methods are enabled on your system. See Payment Methods for information about the options.

When shops are being reviewed, the Reviewer will set the shop to a distribution status (usually Finalized). The Shopper Pay checkbox is checked by default (uncheck the box if the shopper should not be paid yet!). Now the shop is ready to be pulled into a Shopper Billing Export so you can process new invoices.

Note: Shops must be assigned to a valid shopper in the system. Test shoppers and invalid shoppers will not be pulled into the Shopper Billing Export. Kiosk shops are also not included.  

Use Quick Jump from the main admin page to get to the Shopper Billing Page

Shopper Billing is broken up into five different sections. 

When you have some Finalized shops, begin with Process New Invoices

Select your date range. The dates represent the date the shops were submitted by the shopper. 

You can choose a specific client or survey, and whether to include all shops, or just Paypal shoppers. 

Normally you will be marking the shops "Pending" at this stage. Shoppers will see this notation in their shop log.

Choose which type of export(s) you want. This example shows all the available payment types, your system will probably only have one or two of these payment types. You can choose more than one export format.

You can choose which information to include in the tab-delimited export. 

Click Go to generate the export(s). 

Download the exports from the top of the page. These files can be used to upload to your payment system or bank. Once you have done that and sent payments to the shoppers, you can return to this Shopper Billing page and go to Mark Invoices as Paid

This tool will take the shops that you previously marked as "Pending" and will mark them as "Paid". Shoppers will see this notation in their shop log. 

If you need to edit the billing status of shops in another way, such as moving a shop from Paid back to Pending, or from New to Paid directly, you will use View Invoices/ Edit Status. This page is also useful for checking the current billing status of any particular shop. 

When you click Go on this page, you'll see a list of all the selected shops, with a status selector for each one:

You can make adjustments to the shops' billing statuses here, or just export the results. 

If you want to exclude some shops from payment, or include some which were previously marked not payable, use Edit Payable Shops

The search options are the same as View Invoices/Edit Status, and the results will give you each found shop with a checkbox you can check or uncheck to make shops payable or not payable. 

A page that may be useful annually is the Shopper Tax Export page. This export lets you set a threshold of total pay, and export records for shoppers who reached that threshold. Typically this is $600. If your system collects and validates TINs , that information can be included in the export, for users who have Secure Data Export permission.