If the Dragon Media Gallery is activated, clicking the "Media Gallery" link on the top right of the Dashboard will take you to the tab with media uploaded for the specified survey.


While up to 100 media items can be displayed per page, you can also filter results to show specific media questions. If too many items are returned using default settings, you will be prompted to filter for specific question(s).

No filter will show you all media uploaded for the survey you have set.


However, selecting a specific question will filter and show only the media uploaded for that question:

Specific items

Earlier shop items (by Job ID) are listed first. Clicking on the item itself will open a pop-up view, in which you can use left and right arrows on your keyboard to view previous/next items. You will also be able to click on the Job ID to open the Client View or close ("X") the pop-up to return to the gallery view.

Activating and deactivating

Media Gallery is activated by default for new clients. 

However, to activate (or deactivate) it for existing clients, a manager with the proper permission can do the following: 

  • From the Admin page, select the client/survey you want to activate or deactivate Media Gallery for.
  • Once you are on the "Client and Form Settings" page, scroll to the bottom and find "Dragon Media Gallery" option.