Now your clients can view a large selection of photos (or other media) all at once! 



When activated, the Media Gallery link is at the top right of the Dragon Dashboard:




Up to 100 media items can be displayed per page:


Clients can filter results to show specific photo questions. In this example, the questions selected are labeled "Cute Picture" and "Scenic Picture" (other standard filters such as survey, date, location/level are also available).




Click on any item for larger view (or to play content):




Once you're in this popup view, use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to view previous/next items, or "X" to return to the gallery view.


Disclaimer: Your Cuteness May Vary (it's hard to compete with baby goats bred by actual SurfMerchants)!!


Additional Info:

  • If too many results are returned using default settings, the user will be asked to filter for specific question(s).
  • Earlier Shops (by Job ID) are displayed first
  • Media Gallery is activated by default for NEW clients. To activate for EXISTING clients, go to the bottom of the "Client and Form Settings" page: